Concept of Yoga Pt. 1

Yoga deals with the mysteries of life, as well as of the universe. Especially with those aspects of life that are beyond the comprehension of normal human intellect. 

It’s doctrines are based on spiritual experiences, and so they appeal more to intuitive discrimination rather than intellectual understanding.

Yoga is not a mere theoretical philosophy but a practical discipline based in personal spiritual experiences. It is the most ancient science of spiritual self development that teaches the practical means by which a human being can attain salvation. 

Yoga - Yuj - to unite, to join, to harness, to yoke, to contact or to to connecT

Union of individual self & Universal Self

Healthy body & disciplined mind

Microcosm & Macrocosm 

Inner being & supreme being

All for - spiritual development 

Union or oneness is experienced only when a higher state of consciousness is reached through the spiritual effort of yoga

When the duality of matter and mind Is totally dissolved into the original source, spirit, the supreme goal of yoga is achieved. 

In order to experience eternal bliss, the conscious self should merge into the divine super conscious self which gives rise to it. 

Beyond form and names, beyond the cycles of births and deaths, beyond the notions of bondage & release, beyond even concepts of time and space. 

There is:

Brahman (ultimate reality) which is advaita (nondual), eka (one without a second), sanatana or nitya (eternal), avikari (changeless), sarvagata (all pervading), Achala (unshakeable), sthanu (stable), gunatita (transcendental) & amanta (infinite) 

Yoga is neither religion by itself, nor part of any other religious system. Many religions around the world have developed around the practice of yoga, be it hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Muslim, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Taoism or any other religion. Great persons of all these religions (call them Yogis, mystics, Sufi’s or saints) have obtained glimpses of spiritual experiences through arduous training and discipline that basically resembles yoga. All religious teachers have expressed in their own language and words that the soul is immortal and it emerges from some source higher and greater than itself. 

God, Allan, Brahman, Ishvara, supreme being, universal spirit, divine principle, ultimate reality, highest truth. 

a yogi is not necessarily bound to any particular religious faith. Accepting any religion if he or she chooses or none at all.

India has been the home of yoga but that does not mean that yogic practice is the monopoly of India only. Anyone belonging to any other nation,  race, religion has the right to practice yoga. Broader than nationality, race or religion, yoga permits and guides an independent, individualized path to self discovery.

quoteD from: yoga - the ultimate spiritual path by swami Rajarshi muni

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